Our primary goal is your satisfaction.

Who we are?

A manufacturer with the most advanced technology in production of composite sheets and the facilities of the assembling mentioned sheets for efficiency and various usage.

What is our slogan?

Superior quality and honesty, concentration on work and services and mutual trust.

What are our services?

Designing and manufacturing various products with different use, along with technology improvements over the time and optimal efficiency of available facilities in the production process.

Our goals and values

Our goal is to adapt and generalize as much as possible to the basic and eternal principles such as honesty, trustworthiness, service, affection and wisdom with attitudes, approaches, professional and economic behavior because We believe that only by this way, which is an important part of our lives, can go beyond a mere tool to create our values ​​and become an efficient tool for true growth and excellence in our individual and group life.

We adhere to these principles and values. Your association with us will certainly be a source of pride and of course, growth and progress.

Why should we protect the environment and how should we act in this regard?

Protecting the environment is one of our important principles in the production process Composite sheets (sandwich panel) are completely compatible with the environment and 100% recyclable without any pollution.