Prefabricated structures such as sandwich panels have attracted the attention of people working in the field of construction due to their many advantages and high durability. Many architects and engineers use this prefabricated structure to cover roofs and walls. These days, many people are busy with the issue of what are the reasons for the strength and stability of the sandwich panels.

Checking the reasons of sandwich panels’ strength and durability

There are 4 main reasons that the stability and strength of the sandwich panel can be understood according to these reasons. One of the reasons that can be used to identify the sandwich panel’s strength is the materials used to make it.  The materials and type of core used to make this type of prefabricated structures are very light and are designed in thin layers with fiber. The materials used for the central part of the sandwich panel have a unique structure and act as a kind of insulation. Another feature that can be mentioned about the sandwich panel is its high resistance to the fire.

The materials used for the central part of the sandwich panels have a high degree of flexibility. These materials are mainly made of polystyrene or polyurethane foam, and if the sandwich panels are made of mentioned materials, not only does it have high fire resistance feature but also it has durability and stability.

According to published statistics, the useful life of sandwich panels is predicted to be about 50 years, which shows the high strength of this type of prefabricated structures. Sandwich panels are very easy to install and assemble in the shortest possible time. However, keep in mind that experienced installers must be used to install sandwich panels; otherwise, you may suffer many economic losses. However, if the structure of the sandwich panel is damaged or has a defect, this problem will be solved in the shortest possible time and the damaged part will be replaced with a new part. This prevents the problem from spreading to other parts, which significantly increases the life and Strength of the sandwich panel.

Another reason for the strength of the sandwich panel is the outer layer that is used to make the sandwich panel, the highest quality materials are used to cover the outer layers of the sandwich panel, and the strength of these prefabricated materials optimally increases. Steel alloys, aluminum or fiberglass are used to make sandwich panels and make these prefabricated materials have unique mechanical strength.

Sandwich panels are lightweight in comparison to other structures. You may be wondering although it is made of materials such as steel or aluminum or fiberglass, which are always presented as lightweight prefabricated materials. These types of prefabricated structures are designed in such a way that despite being composed of two outer layers of metal or fiberglass with insulating foam in the central part, it still retains its lightness. Because these prefabricated materials have a very lightweight, their use causes a significant reduction in the dead load of the structure. As a result, those who want to have lightweight structures, use sandwich panels to cover their ceilings or walls.

As we know, different sheets are used to make sandwich panels. One of these sheets is Aluzinc sheet, which has a higher strength than the other sheets, so strengthen the sandwich panel rigidity. This type of sheet is as a resistant insulator and protects the structure of the sandwich panel against pests, termites and germs. Several factors can damage the sandwich panel and the Aluzinc sheet can prevent a lot of rot and corrosion.

Sandwich panel’s features 

Sandwich panels have many features and due to these features have many usages, but what are the features that really make these prefabricated materials popular?

High resistance to degradation/ destruction of natural hazards:

A resilient building must have good resistance to storms, earthquakes, strong winds, pests, landslides, rust and fire, and structures made by sandwich panels can resist such conditions and it has been proven that the resistance of these prefabricated materials does not disappear over the time.

Easy installation:

The installation and assembly of sandwich panels are very easy and fast in any weather conditions, and the users can install sandwich panels on their structures in different conditions. Of course, it should be noted that the installation of sandwich panels should be done by experts, and if the installation of sandwich panels is done with the help of non-experts, it may cause serious damages to your structure.

Sandwich panels, can be manufactured in different designs and colors, and the high strength and durability of sandwich panels has led architects and engineers to use these prefabricated structures to cover their ceilings and walls. Note that the thickness of sandwich panels is different from each other and users can order sandwich panels in different thicknesses depending on the type of structure and use.