Reconstruction operations have two main categories
In this method, different types of building’s painting are created at the same time. To perform this
A) Reconstruction and restoration of important parts that affect the strength of the building.
B) Reconstruction of the parts that are visually visible
If the building is old, it is important to renovate it because it will have a great impact on your health. Reconstruction and restoration of the building is mostly done in walls that have cracked over the time and landslides.

Interior design

Retaining walls must be demolished until they reach the brick. This means that the surface of the wall should be destroyed enough to reach the brick part.
After that, the wall will be plastered with soil with proper vertical layout. After the plaster and soil have dried Whitewashing should also start so that we have a smooth and clean wall at the end.
In fact, these types of walls are rebuilt because they are non-demolished and for this reason, their plastering must be done carefully in the best way.

Problems of living in dilapidated buildings:
One of the types of building’s painting that is considered as a new design of building’s painting is multi-color painting. This method can be easily and quickly sprayed with a variety of multi-color building Every building needs to be rebuilt after several years. The reason for this is that after a while the plumbing systems, plastering, building facades, floors, become unusable and need to be rebuilt.

Modern style design:
Renovating an apartment or a building is the right way to make changes because it is generally much more cost-effective than the cost of demolishing and renovating a building. Therefore, it is preferred to rebuild buildings that are only ostensibly dilapidated, in need of repair, and have strength and stability, instead of being demolished.

What are the reasons for renovating the apartment?

Partial or complete destruction of the building texture
Tendency to change and renovate the apartment and create diversity in people’s living environment
Increase the strength and stability of the building against natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and….
Decided to change the use of building spaces and change their interior design
Increasing the population in the family and the need for more space and proper use of the home
Modernize the building style and keep up with technological advances and changes

The effect of home remodeling on people’s mood
Research shows that changes in people’s living environment and home interior designs have a significant positive effect on people’s behavior. Building reconstruction has positive effects on people’s mood, energy and mental health. After a while, human beings need to create and change diversity in their living or working environment, and this makes them more willing to be in that place and do their daily chores. Building reconstruction and implementation of modern methods create a pleasant feeling in people.

All human beings want to spend hours of their lives in a space where they feel relaxed and enjoy being in that environment. So now is the time to think about your dilapidated and old buildings and to diversify your life by using methods such as building renovations.

Calculate the cost of renovating the apartment:
One of the first things to do before starting work is to calculate and know the cost of renovating your house. Knowing this will make you choose the material you want and manage your work steps more carefully. Depending on the cost and budget of the employer for the renovation, you can decide which parts of the building to change and what plans to use to renovate the house.

Tips for renovating houses:
Consulting with specialized and efficient people in the field of building reconstruction
Observing the appropriateness of changes implemented in the environment with other spaces
Estimate the accurate budget and consider other potential costs
Accurate and reasonable estimate of the time of reconstruction and its implementation
Utilizing new technologies and modern methods in this field
Utilizing a group of experts in the field of reconstruction
Accurate implementation of creative and innovative projects in the field
Observance of buildings’ rules during the executive operation
Implementing designs with fewer changes and more impact, such as changes in the kitchen
Strict observance of safety issues while working.