Composite is one of the prefabricated materials that can be produced in different dimensions, sizes, materials and colors. They can be used in the construction industry and in different places more than traditional materials these days due to its advantages. The reasonable price and weight make them one of the best prefabricated materials for partitioning.

Composite, the best equipment for partitioning

The composite is a multi-layered structure consisting of a middle insulation foam and surrounded by two metal sheets or fiberglass. The sheet used to make the composite is Aluzinc, galvanized or aluminum and for the middle part polyurethane foam, mineral wool and polystyrene are used. Polyurethane foam is one of the highest quality foams used to make sandwich panels and the best insulation could be done because of high strength and quality.

Types of sandwich panels in terms of usage

In general, sandwich panels can be produced in two general categories, ceiling and wall, and the customer can use ceiling or wall sandwich panels depends on which part of the structure they want to cover.

Roof sandwich panel

Roof sandwich panel is a type of sandwich panel that is used to cover the roof. Roof sandwich panels are designed in a corrugated shape and it’s used for structures which don’t have strong walls.

Wall sandwich panel

A group of sandwich panels that are different from the roof sandwich panel both in terms of application and appearance is the wall sandwich panel. Wall sandwich panels are designed with grooves and are used to cover the walls of the structures. They have a very high resistance to external pressures, so the rottenness and corrosion will highly reduce. These type of panels have a wide range of usage and widely used to create walls in sheds and containers.
Wall sandwich panels have no restrictions in terms of thickness and can be produced in 4 to 20 cm, therefore they are one of the best materials for partitioning.

Types of sandwich panels in terms of material
Different materials are used to make sandwich panels, such as sheets and foam insulation. The sheets used to make sandwich panels are mainly made of Aluzinc, galvanized and aluminum, and the insulation used to make the panels are made of rock wool, polyurethane and polystyrene which have different insulation,

One of the best and highest quality foams used to make sandwich panels is polyurethane foam. The foam consists of two materials called polyol and isocyanate and has a very high resistance to rot, corrosion, moisture, cold and heat. The presence of these two resistant materials in the structure of the sandwich panel makes this type of prefabricated structures have a very high strength and resistance and protects the sandwich panel against natural hazards.

Polystyrene is another insulation foam that is used to insulate sandwich panels and is also called lonolite. Also note that the strength of this type of insulation foam is different from other foams and if we want to compare the strength and durability of polystyrene foam with polyurethane foam, we can say that polystyrene foam is weaker in terms of sound and heat insulation. Although the strength of polystyrene foam is less than polyurethane foam. If the sandwich panel insulation is not important to the customer, the use of polystyrene foam as sandwich panel insulation is a good option.

Mineral wool
Mineral wool is a type of insulation foam, which is also known as mineral insulation, and their melting temperature is below 1300 ° C. Mineral wool foam is a sound or heat insulation and in case of fire, it prevents fire spreading to other parts of the building. Mineral wool foam has an excellent feature against heat, so using this type of insulation foam for humid areas is a great option.

Benefits of partitioning with sandwich panels
There are different types of sandwich panels and it has many advantages compared to traditional materials. Sandwich panels are used in partitioning. If these prefabricated materials are used for partitioning there would be numerous advantages, which we will mention some of these in the following section.
Because sandwich panels are lighter, faster in transportation and significantly speeds up project than other traditional materials, which were used in the past, are better options for partitioning.
Sandwich panels are prefabricated and ready-made materials and do not need to be combined with other materials to be prepared. The project will be done as quickly as possible and will be a good option for those who want to complete their project in the shortest time.
One of the advantages of sandwich panels is that they are designed to be washable, and they are easy to wash.
If these prefabricated materials are used for the partition, you can wash the partitions with detergent and there will be no problem for this type of structure.
Sandwich panels are materials that can be produced in different colors, and this is one of its advantages because other structures do not have such features. Therefore, with no limitation you can use sandwich panels in different colors to perform partitions.
Having a lightweight is one of the reasons why sandwich panels are so popular. Their low weight will significantly reduce the final weight of partitions, and this is one of the reasons why people prefer to use sandwich panels instead of traditional materials.
As we know, various materials are different in terms of price. Meanwhile, sandwich panels are those materials, which are reasonable in price compared to other materials, and this greatly reduces construction expenses. Therefore, using materials such as sandwich panels to implement partitioning is more economical, and for those who are looking for quality and reasonable price at the same time, sandwich panels are a good option.
Sandwich panels are prefabricated materials, which are designed easily removable. Therefore, if you use these prefabricated materials, and as they are portable, you can move these structures from one place to wherever you want and assemble them.

Partitioning with the help of sandwich panels

The use of sandwich panels is not limited to the construction industry and can be applied in other industries depending on their use and needs. One of the important applications of sandwich panels that has been considered by many people today is partitioning. These prefabricated structures are mainly used to separate different sections in administrative and industrial centers, field hospitals and making corridors.
Since these prefabricated materials weigh is less than other structures and transported in the fastest possible time, they are the best and most suitable option for making partitions.