Every year, new building painting designs are welcomed by many people who plan to paint their house or company. Choosing the right type of building painting and design for your location is an art that a professional painter or designer can do. Of course, you can choose several different designs before painting the building;
And in consultation with a painter, choose the appropriate design for your home.

In this article, we will introduce you new designs and types of building’s painting.
A professional painter does more than just painting the walls; he tries to enliven and renovate the lifeless walls of the building. He is like a creator, trying to create a work of art.

Types of building’s painting

Familiarity with new building color schemes can give you different ideas so you can draw whatever you have in mind. The followings are the types of these colors to make a smart choice.

1 Multicolor
One of the types of building’s painting that is considered as a new design of building’s painting is multi-color painting. This method can be easily and quickly sprayed with a variety of multi-color building paints. If you intend to paint this model;
it is recommended to learn how to paint with the spray. Multicolor paints are decorative and create a thin layer on the surfaces. Multi-color building paints are very suitable for plaster, cement, iron, wood, paint, stone, glass, plastic, etc. Multicolor building paints are washable, do not absorb moisture, and are highly durable.

2 Metallic
Among the various types of building’s painting, metallic paints are ideal for modern and luxurious spaces. Metallic paints are the most beautiful color of the building and create the appearance of the wall like the metal. Of course, it is best to use these colors in some parts of the walls so that they do not lose their beauty.

3 Belka
building paint types have one of the most important roles in building’s painting. Belka is one of the newest and most beautiful colors of the building, which is made of cellulose fibers and looks like the wallpaper. 
The material of this paint is a natural cellulose coating that is used to decorate walls and ceilings. Of course, Belka is also known by other names such as Patina and Romalin, which has gained many fans among interior designers today.

4 Spraying technique
Today, one of the new designs in various types of building’s painting is spraying technique and diluting the paint with water. This painting model is an attractive choice for beautifying the walls of the reception hall. With this method, the painted surface will look like a marble design. Sometimes this method may also be applied to the canvas; after drying, the canvas will be stuck on the wall. Eventually it looks like the wallpapers.

5 Penumbra
If you want to change the mood of your home just by painting the building and create a modern atmosphere; Penumbra will be a good choice for you. In this method, the color range will be appeared; For example, the color range from bottom to top may decrease or increase in color intensity. You can use the most beautiful building colors to your taste. In addition, whether the color range is either borderless or with the border will depend on you and your interior design.

6 Acrylic building paint
Acrylic building paint is one of the newest and most beautiful building paints; one of its most important benefits is being environmental friendly. These days Acrylic building paint is one of the most popular types of paint in modern building painting; Available in 3 types: glossy, matte and semi-gloss. Acrylic building paint is applied on all surfaces; It is also moisture-proof and resistant to erosion.
Painting the walls with acrylic building paint is one of the most innovative methods of painting a building that makes your home beautiful and shiny. You will see a wonderful decorative change, especially in the living room by using acrylic building paint.

7 Texture
The weaving method can be applied in different types of building’s painting with different models; including a combination of clay powder, fiber oil, water and building oil paint to obtain a paste used in wall to make it texturing.
Remember that while using oil paint, you also need to know how to dry the oil paint.

8 Types of building’s painting with patterns
Types of building’s painting with patterns include different options; For example, the stencil technique. By combining this technique and the most beautiful color of the building, you can make the walls more beautiful than ever. Just prepare the desired design in the form of a template; Place it on the wall, draw on it with a brush or roller; and after drying, remove the template from the wall.
You can use formal designs for the living room and fancy designs in the bedroom.
Striped, dotted, patterned roller, and stamped techniques are other types of stencil painting.

9 Paint the wall with a sponge
In a variety of new building’s painting designs, sponges are used instead of brushes for painting to beautify the building. In this painting model, the painter usually paints the wall with a sponge, and then smooths the surface with another sponge. The use of different color ranges in this method is recommended to create a design with depth and very unique.

10 Painting the building with fabric
Like the method of painting with a sponge, this method uses fabric instead of a brush. This easily creates a beautiful and unique texture and face. This method will be mostly chosen by classic style lovers. You can use fabric to remove the color and create a beautiful texture to suit your taste. To do this, first the wall should be painted with the most beautiful color of the building; then the fabric removes the color and the design is created.

11 Nylon coloring technique
Nylon painting is another interesting technique for painting. In this method, after painting the wall, place a piece of crumpled nylon on the wall and after a while, remove it from the wall. In this case, it looks like you used patina on your wall.

12 Color Wash technique
In this method, different types of building’s painting are created at the same time. To perform this technique, the painter spreads different colors irregularly on the wall with a brush. The combination of colors and the quantity are related to your taste.