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Global Green Construction (Global-G-C) Group

is a Canadian company which is located in Montreal. With a team experts, This Company with the help of its expert team, is a supplier of construction products and consulting provider in the field of architecture, interior design, renovating houses, landscaping and specialized in reducing the cost of renovating and improving the quality of work.

The laws of physics are the same everywhere but having experience and the way of implement and respect to cultural values, the environment, the laws and principle of engineering and building regulations for each city are the essentials for our engineering workflow, so our experts believes, planning and evaluation (preparing mappings with accurate engineering calculations) should be done at first step, then the operation should begin.

We consider ourselves as environmentalist and believe that by protecting the environment along with the solutions and the products which are efficient, durable and cheap, we can move in the sustainable direction.

In addition to designing and manufacturing construction products, Global-G-C Group is known as a big provider for construction supplies and equipment. Furthermore the representatives of this company are ready to provide specialized advice and services in the field of architecture, construction, interior design and renovating the houses.

We produce so that you have the analogy of the quality, durability and beauty of our products and then our products will be installed in your houses with 10 years of guaranty.

We organize our activities in the field of renovating and interior designing and performing constructional projects in Montreal and its suburbs by using experienced, trustworthy and diligent experts and try to use superior quality and new methods for our respected clients. Relying on the principles of customer orientation we hope to improve activities continuously in order to meet your demands.

Global-G-C is a pioneer producer and service group and hope to either a legal entity or a real person who starts a business with this company form a friendship based on respect, trust, alliance and affection. We humbly and gently but constantly step toward delighted future which has been traced.

Our thought is superior quality and our way is honestly, focus on work and service and mutual confidence.

Our products produced by using thermoplastic and special technology which is just and only engrossed by our group. Also, we are premium producer in utilizing composite sheets. Global-G-C is using thermoplastic materials in manufacturing process. A thermoplastic is not cross-linked, so it can be re-melted and re-formed, much like an ice cube that can melt and re-freeze.