Global-G-C Renovating group

Renovating & reconstructing houses, includes :

  1. Maintaining roof
  2. Repairing and replacing floor
  3. Plastering and tiling and repairing or replacing restroom facilities. 
  4. Replacing door and window
  5. Plumbing
  6. Mechanical room & HVAC installation
  7. Landscaping such as flowers layout, fountain & pool constructing, fence installation)

Basically, the renovating the house is a specialized job and sometimes it is even more difficult than the constructing a new building, Therefore, the executor must do his job with precision, elegance and full observance of technical principles.
Renovating old houses has been welcomed and many people prefer renovating their houses in order to provide their family with the comfort.
In this field, the global g c group, with its experienced and technical experts, is able to provide this work with a reasonable cost and high practical speed and quality appropriate to your idea. Therefore, if you have decided to renovate your old house, we suggest you take our advice before taking action to provide you with the necessary guidance.

Finally the best way to renovate your old house

is to trust a reliable construction contractor. Global-G-C group is at your service and we would be glad to consider our suggestions about renovating.

Renovating your old house?!

Leave it to us and take a state of the art house back in a blink of an eye with a reasonable cost. Determining the employer’s goal of renovating your building :

Within inspecting mentioned cases, the goal is formed and according to the goal and client demands will be considered in renovating and also interior design will be done by client attitude.

Definitely, there would be so many questions in renovating or restoring building which could be solved just by an expert. To be notified that if the restoring goes wrong in some parts it not only cost more money but also technical problems can occur.

Some questions are followed by :

  1. Which parts of the building need to be restored?
  2. What will be the approximate cost of renovating the house?
  3. How long does the renovation take?
  4. Which style of renovation do you prefer for your house? (Classic or modern)
  5. What materials will be used in restoring?
  6. Which type of material is more suitable to use for the floors and walls?

To answer all questions, our experienced consultants will be available for you. Just fill out the evaluation form

Bright Futures by trusting us

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