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We produce sandwich panels

What’s sandwich panel?

Sandwich panels consist of two thin but rigid skin layers which is segregated by the core. The core of a sandwich panel is made of a hard but light material.

By changing the thickness of the core, sandwich panels will be produced with the thickness of 1/2inch (12mm) to 4inch (101mm).

Thickness of the sandwich panel’s layers is between 0.5 to 2 mm and woven with high or low fiberglass depending on need.

Sandwich panel with honeycomb cores that made of propylene is capable of absorbing energy at high level while maintaining its shape

The Sandwich panel’s layer increases resistance against the impact and load distribution as well as surface roughness.

We have the technology which doesn’t need adhesive to connect the core and the layer but by heating and melting, the act of attaching will be done but with the molecular composition, exactly like the ice that melts and refreezes again. Therefore, a homogeneous and uniform surface will be made which is not possible to be layered and collapsed.

This product not only is impermeable to the elements but also has the strength against the impact and with its lightweight, it reduces the dead loads of the structure.

By using this method and new technology, our produced sandwich panels have a wide range of construction applications, transportation, safety, military, packaging industry, etc and have a longer life cycle than wood and metals and are compatible with the environment.

Some pros of our composite products are as follows

  • Resistant to corrosion, decay and mildew
  • Resistant to deformation, cracks, friability and stability against fire and good resistance to melting
  • Possible to be renovated by with spraying the paint over the layers
  • Light and economic structure with a long life and thus reduces cost
  • Impermeable against moisture and chemicals and resistant to natural hazards
  • Resistant to changes in high and cold temperatures and bad weather conditions and non-adhesive to the ice and snow
  • Having the light structure and less weight than the wood and metals and the useful life at least five times better than the wood
  • Acoustic insulation and sound damping
  • Variety of usage in freezers, refrigerators, dropped ceilings, partitions, Building walls, terrace and balcony flooring and stairs, fences around houses and yards, wall covering around pools, roofs and walls of parking lots, wagon flooring, trailers and trucks, shelter construction
  • Nonconductive and with the low thermal conductivity
  • Various production in different colors with different layer composition for different usage
  • Compatible with the environment and 100% recyclable.
  • Accept Color, cover, adhesive, plastic welding and decal.
  • UV resistant
  • Variety in construction with different thicknesses and different sizes

Our goal is to adapt and generalize as much as possible to the basic and eternal principles such as honesty, trustworthiness, service, affection and wisdom with attitudes, approaches, professional and economic behavior because We believe that only on this way work, which is an important part of our lives, can go beyond a mere tool to create our values ​​and become an efficient tool for true growth and excellence in individual and group life.

Our Products


Various composite sheets with different designs and sizes and thicknesses for various usage.

Producing various flooring composites for residential houses, terraces, balconies and stairways.



Designing and manufacturing shelters.


Designing, manufacturing and installing various wall fences around the houses and pools and etc. with different colors and beautiful designs.


Designing, manufacturing and installing various decorative canopies with the usage in pool space, plage, gardens, parks and residential houses’ yards.


Designing, manufacturing and installing roofed lots in houses (temporary only in winters or permanent), parking lots of residential complexes and public parking lots.


Producing composite’s panels with the usage of residential houses’ dropped ceiling, walls and partitions in different sizes and colors and various and beautiful designs.

Production of composite wall covering sheets with hard and anti-scratch facing in residential houses and halls.


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