Sandwich panels are prefabricated materials are widely used in the construction industry today, and many professionals use these prefabricated structures instead of traditional building materials in constructing. There are several reasons to use this prefabricated material. In this article, we are going to elaborate the reasons for the popularity of sandwich panels in a specific way. Stay with us.

 Evaluate the reasons for the popularity of sandwich panels 

Quick and easy installation: Quick installation and assembly of sandwich panels is one of the reasons for the popularity of this kind of prefabricated materials. Sandwich panels are produced based on the tastes and requests of customers and transferred to the workshop based on special arrangements. Then they are transported to the construction site and the final part of their installation is done in the shortest period of time.

Of course, it is necessary to know that, not only are sandwich panels easy to transport, but also, they are easy to install and assemble, and this reduces additional cost of transporting heavy materials. In addition to these advantages, using a sandwich panel requires fewer labors and as a result, the construction is done in the best possible way.

Reduce the loads In Building: Many people are thinking of using solutions to lighten the building and reduce the dead load of buildings. One of the advantages of sandwich panels is their lightweight, which makes the final weight of the building very light. One of the reasons why sandwich panels are light is related to their core. The core is made of the lightest materials, and used to cover the walls and roofs to reduce the weight of the structure.

  The weight of the ceiling and wall sandwich panels are very light, the cost of substructure, foundation and construction are significantly reduced. As a result, this type of prefabricated materials is a very good option for those people who are looking for cost-effective structures. On the other hand, due to low thickness of sandwich panel, you can use this space area in the best possible way.

High strength and durability: Strength and durability are other advantages that have made these prefabricated materials more popular. Nowadays, people prefer covering their walls and ceilings with sandwich panels to traditional materials because of their lightweight, strength and durability.

Eco-friendly: As we know these days, environmental protection is one of the issues that has been highly considered by the authorities and solutions have been applied to protect the environment.

One of the solutions that experts use to protect the environment, is using sandwich panels. Sandwich panels are materials which can be recycled and used in different weather conditions. Sandwich panels can also be used to build temporary residential places.

One of the advantages of these prefabricated materials is that no debris remains after finishing the work, and thus it helps to protect the environment a lot, and using these prefabricated materials is a great option for environmentalists.

Energy saving: being insulated against moisture, heat and sound are the other reasons to make sandwich panels more popular in this field.

This is one of the most important features of sandwich panels and professionals who work in construction industry and look for materials like this, sandwich panels with high insulation properties are one of the best prefabricated building materials.

This feature saves a significant amount of energy consumption, and according to its high cost and limitations, this feature has been highly regarded by people working in the field of construction.
The way Sandwich panels are designed can be considered as thermal, sound and moisture insulation and can prevent the heat and cold exchange in buildings perfectly; and the saving provides you with the cost of heating and cooling energy.
Fire resistance: As we know, fire in different areas can cause a lot of damage to the structure. One of the unique features of sandwich panels is that they are fireproof, which prevents the fire from spreading over the different parts of the structure which has been significantly attracted because of this feature.  Sandwich panels are made of rock wool or polyurethane foam which have fire retardant feature and have the ability to significantly prevent fire spreading which will result in less damage to the structure.

On the other hand, strength and durability of sandwich panels make them highly safe. They can significantly reduce the damage caused by earthquake or cause less damage to the structure when an earthquake occurs.

High resistance to corrosion and rot:

High resistance to corrosion and rot is another factor that can be mentioned about these prefabricated materials. Sandwich panels in comparison with traditional materials are more resistant to moisture and corrosive factors such as environmental and chemical. It can be easily used in humid environments and different climates.

The way Sandwich panels are designed is easy to be replaced and repaired when they’re damaged. Another point which makes the sandwich panels different from other prefabricated materials is its antibacterial feature, which is highly resistant to moisture because of its insulation and prevents the growth and proliferation of any fungi and bacteria.

Usage of sandwich panels in the construction industry:

This type of prefabricated structures with high flexibility can be easily used among water and sewage pipes and power cables. Sandwich panels are also used to build a variety of places such as refrigeration, services Sanitary, factory halls, hotels, schools, clinics and mobile relief units, sport complexes, offices. In addition, wall and ceiling sandwich panels are used for canopies, containers, metal structures, sheds, warehouses and industrial factories.